Strike just launched in the UK, a boon to many Filipino OFWs in the country, mostly in the medical, health and nursing field.

Your family in the UK can send pounds to you and you can receive it in pesos using CoopPay.

So—if there is a perfect dance,

There is also perfect money

If you use Strike in the Philippines, you can send pesos to it using your CoopPay wallet and it will show up in dollars in your Strike wallet.

Note! Strike itself is available in the Philippines

How is this magic possible?

Lightning makes magic possible.

Lightning is an open protocol. Strike uses this open protocol. CoopPay uses this open protocol. Because it is an open protocol, Strike and CoopPay can “talk” to each other.

Lightning is a network on top of bitcoin network. Lightning makes instant payments cross-border anywhere in the world possible.

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  • Support ChatMPC via the Lightning Address or by using the online payment link
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