Bitcoin lost Satoshi but found its Naval; his name is Anil.

At first sound, it reminded me of “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times” line from the post-apocalyptic novel Those Who Remain by the author G. Michael Hopf.

But just way too better.

ANIL PATEL holds an M.B.A. and has worked with Swan, Unchained  and Bitcoin Magazine. Anil is also an investor in 20+ companies (incl. UmbrelReplitGumroadStrike and Swan).

Hard money is better to save in than easy money because it preserves value over time. Fiat currency is easy money because governments can print more of it whenever they want. Bitcoin is a hard money because there is a finite supply of Bitcoin that cannot be increased.

Best of the Best

Based on the beauty of Anil’s work, no other conclusion can be made: when it comes to bitcoin education, he is the best of the best.


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Circular Economies

ANIL’S WORK is extremely important. Especially so because we’re not just building both circular cooperative economies and circular bitcoin economies. We bring Light. . . to cooperatives, and . . .ning bridges our circular universes.

If you are in the Philippines, the easiest way to see how bitcoin works is through Pouch or CoopPay. From your bank app, you can send a few pesos to Pouch and from there you can send to a Lightning wallet. For members of your cooperatives, you can simply ask your coop for a cash-in. Then once you have pesos in your CoopPay, same process.

Bitcoin Price Display
Teach the little ones how to save in bitcoin!

LET’S BUILD THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY Join a cooperative federation today via and #StudyBitcoin Experience the Lightning Payment Network for Cooperatives at and the 6 Steps. Use CoopPay, the world’s first Lightning wallet for cooperatives, at the Coop BookShop at, The Co-operative Exchange. Register your .coop domain at Visit Make happen, but in your town. Sign up for secret updates. Read The New Co-operator. and see in one glance how the co-op universe is bending in space-time.

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