Whether you’re looking to join a cooperative, partner with like-minded organizations, or simply learn more about the cooperative movement, bookmark this developing page to help you “help yourself” and/or “find yourself.” Explore the diverse world of cooperatives and see how cooperation is shaping a better future for all.

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Let’s grow this Coop Page

You can add more information to this dedicated page, e.g. branch locations, members, services, etc., thru iCoop, whose mission is to help grow cooperative circular economies in the Philippines, ASEAN and around the world. We want—

at least 42% of Filipinos to be members of cooperatives!
iCoop — Inventing cooperatives.
iCoop’s mission is to help grow cooperative circular economies. Powered by Law.net.ph. Atty. Lyman A. Manzanares, founder and CEO.

One Mind, One Body

Take care of your family and coop members. Join OneCoopHealth asap! Healthcare.coop’s mission is to help grow the first and only co-operative HMO in the Philippines.

Healthcare.coop—One body, one health
Healthcare.coop’s mission is to help grow the Philippines’ first cooperative HMO. Powered by Law.net.ph. Atty. Lyman A. Manzanares, founder and CEO.

CoopPay is the Way

Tell your family OFWs to say goodbye to exorbitant cross-border OFW remittance fees! CoopPay is the first Lightning wallet for cooperatives in the world. A future super app. An everything app.

Bitcoin Price Display
Teach the little ones how to save in bitcoin!

Visit the Coop BookShop

You can try using CoopPay at Buy.coop, aka The Co-operative Exchange. In the tradition of The Co-operative Knowledgebase and The New Co-operator., we are starting with (hearts and) minds.

We love cats, the ultimate self-help animal, and we love—yes, books! But we’re on a hunt for the best consumer products produced by coops in the Philippines and Asia. Expect more on this soon!

The Co-operative Exchange
Buy products made, sold and traded by co-operatives and social enterprises in the Philippines, from consumer, agricultural and industrial to digital goods and services.

Let’s build our Circular Economies

We’re not just building circular cooperative economies. We’re building circular bitcoin economies, too. We bring Light. . . to cooperatives, and . . .ning bridges our circular universes.

BitcoinIsland.ph—Bitcoin and co-operative circular economies!
BitcoinIsland.ph’s mission is to build bitcoin circular economies and co-operative circular economies. Powered by Law.net.ph. Atty. Lyman A. Manzanares, founder and CEO.

And if there’s Bitcoin Island, there ought to be a Bitcoin Town. But every town is a cooperative town, and every town is a bitcoin town. So make your town a cooperative + bitcoin town!

BitcoinTown.ph—Palo, Leyte, Philippines
BitcoinTown.ph’s mission is to build a bitcoin circular economy and a cooperative circular economy in Palo, Leyte, Philippines. Powered by Law.net.ph. Atty. Lyman A. Manzanares, founder and CEO.

Support Chat.coop!

Yes, you can support Chat.coop and all other works by sending contributions “in kind,” i.e. thank you for your kind heart, to the Lightning Addresses coop@pouch.ph and lightningcoop@blink.sv or by using the online payment link https://app.pouch.ph/coop.

You can use CoopPay, you can use Pouch, you can use Blink, you can use Strike, you can use Coinos, it will work just the same. Why? Because Lightning is an open protocol, which is open for anyone to adopt. If you are a cooperative, learn more at Lightning.coop.

Lightning Payment Network for Cooperatives
Cooperatives for collective freedom. Bitcoin for individual liberty.

Special Thanks

To Law.net.ph for providing the design, engineering, communications and advisory firepower to these circular economy projects.

Law.net.ph—decentralized, distributed and peer-to-peer
Operated and managed by Manzanares & Partners Law Offices, a general professional partnership (GPP) established in 2011 thru the leadership and vision of Atty. Lyman A. Manzanares, Founding and Managing Partner. Predictive Analytics, Due Diligence, E-Discovery, Sentiment Analysis, Risk Assessment and Compliance.