Whether you’re looking to join a cooperative, partner with like-minded organizations, or simply learn more about the cooperative movement, bookmark this developing page to help you “help yourself” and/or “find yourself.” Explore the diverse world of cooperatives and see how cooperation is shaping a better future for all.

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You can add more information to this dedicated page, e.g. branch locations, members, services, etc., thru iCoop, whose mission is to help grow cooperative circular economies in the Philippines, ASEAN and around the world. We want—

at least 42% of Filipinos to be members of cooperatives!
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LET’S BUILD THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY Join a cooperative federation today via iCoop.ph and Healthcare.coop. #StudyBitcoin Experience the Lightning Payment Network for Cooperatives at Lightning.coop and the 6 Steps. Use CoopPay, the world’s first Lightning wallet for cooperatives, at the Coop BookShop at Buy.coop, The Co-operative Exchange. Register your .coop domain at Register.coop. Visit BitcoinIsland.ph. Make BitcoinTown.ph happen, but in your town. Sign up for secret updates. Read The New Co-operator. and see in one glance how the co-op universe is bending in space-time.

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