MANILA, Philippines—What inspires you?

I listen to music these days as much as I listen to news. So not Swift, most definitely not

But after-lunch today I was inspired by a company I haven’t heard of, Tuya. And all because of a cat (easy to guess what I got from Tuya for cat’s sake)

This company was founded the year you founded OneCoopHealth. I am aware this is OneCoopTech, but as we say, “every company is a tech company”

Tuya is superb in a lot of ways. In fact, where it not for the fact that it is Chinese company (though listed in the NYSE), there is a lot to see/say in what China is doing

Inspiration comes in other ways (okay, Taylor). From seeing your son hold his breath underwater in the pool. To seeing the perfect dance danced by imperfect people (no one is perfect)

Bitcoin Price Display
Teach the little ones how to save in bitcoin!

As we’ve seen some sickness and bereavement lately, a prayer to close:

Heavenly Father, in your infinite wisdom and mercy, we come before you seeking healing and comfort. Grant your divine touch upon those who suffer from sickness and pain, may your healing power restore their health and vitality, and may your peace wash over their weary souls. In the midst of grief and bereavement, wrap your loving arms around those who mourn, and may your comforting presence bring solace and hope to their hearts. May your everlasting love be their anchor in times of trial, and may they find strength in your unwavering faithfulness. Amen.

Blessed Sunday to you and families 

Thank you.


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