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1) Download CoopPay wallet

‎CoopPay is a bitcoin lightning wallet for the Philippines
‎Blink (Bitcoin Beach Wallet)
‎Reliable Bitcoin Lightning Payments for All: Blink is a Bitcoin wallet you can reach for when you need payment speed and reliability. Rest assured knowing that Blink has a dedicated global team managing Lightning Network liquidity and channels, handling support requests, and improving the app every…

3) Send P100 from your bank app to your CoopPay wallet

You will be sending it via the usual InstaPay. Use the Netbank account no. in CoopPay.

Use your Lightning Address in CoopPay, e.g. to send to your Lightning Address in Blink, e.g.

Study and tinker and study more.

6) Optional reading

21 Steps to Bitcoin
Isang mangingisda ang nakatira kasama ang kanyang asawa at batang anak malapit sa dagat. Mula pa noong nasa sinapupunan pa lamang ang bata, si Juan ay nag-iipon para sa edukasyon ni Nene sa pamamagitan ng paglalagay ng kanyang kita sa mga lata ng isda.

Coop Bookshop

Ask your co-operative’s Education and Training Committee to fill your co-operative bookshelf with us! Whether you’re a member of your board (director), CEO, Vice President or just starting out in your co-op journey, keep being curious, keep learning, keep discovering, so you may keep inventing.

We work with the biggest book publishers in the world and we carry and promote books aligned with our ethos of self-help, self-sovereignty, and self-learning. 

The Co-operative Exchange
Buy products made, sold and traded by co-operatives and social enterprises in the Philippines, from consumer, agricultural and industrial to digital goods and services.

You can also support this project by using your CoopPay to send Php 21 to any of the following Lightning Addresses: (CoopPay wallet), (Blink wallet), and (Coinos wallet).

Thank you!