Chat MPC is a publication dedicated to empowering co-operatives and cooperators in the Philippines and elsewhere.

If you are reading this, you are a Super Cooperator. Welcome!

If it's not obvious immediately, our publication name is a cheeky play on the growing popularity of Chat GPT and the most famous acronym for the most common type of cooperative in the Philippines, multipurpose cooperatives, i.e. MPC.

If you have some geek blood with you, MPC can also be Model Predictive Control, which can help AI systems cope with constraints.

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The cooperative sector in the Philippines is one of the most vibrant and dynamic sectors in the country, with over 28,000 registered cooperatives and more than 14 million members as of 2020.

Cooperatives are autonomous and democratic organizations that aim to achieve their social, economic, and cultural needs and aspirations by making equitable contributions to the capital required, patronizing their products and services and accepting a fair share of the risks and benefits of the undertaking.


The Co-operative Exchange
Buy products made, sold and traded by co-operatives and social enterprises in the Philippines, from consumer, agricultural and industrial to digital goods and services.