MANILA, Philippines—This is a semi-secret page for those who could distinguish between horse paste and horse shit. For those caught between the lying and the dying. For the living and the walking dead.

For the bat shit crazy people.

In other words, to Those who Fought—and Lived.


This month’s special meeting was brought to you by Immunity Boost (Organic/Cold Juiced), Introduction to Bitcoin, the blue candles of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, and Thank God for Bitcoin.

Make Your Day

First, let’s get you or your goat going.


Now on to techie kuno topic. Like love, it’s important here that you take your time. So you can decide if she’s for keeps.

Why bitcoin? 

  • Cannot be confiscated 
  • Cannot be stopped
  • 100% liquid
  • Open 24/7 
  • Cannot be printed out of thin air
  • Cannot be debased 


  1. Check: you have bank mobile app (BDO, etc.) or GCash
  2. Download CoopPay mobile app
  3. Download Blink mobile app
  4. Send Php 100 from your bank to CoopPay wallet (see Netbank account no.)
  5. Send Php 100 from CoopPay wallet using your Lightning Address, e.g. to your Lightning Address in Blink, e.g.
  6. You will receive the equivalent of Php 100 in bitcoin in your Blink wallet

Get Serious Now


CoopPay for iPhone:

‎CoopPay is a bitcoin lightning wallet for the Philippines

CoopPay for Android:

CoopPay - Apps on Google Play
Transact globally, locally, freely at the lowest rates.

Blink for iPhone:

‎Blink (Bitcoin Beach Wallet)
‎Reliable Bitcoin Lightning Payments for All: Blink is a Bitcoin wallet you can reach for when you need payment speed and reliability. Rest assured knowing that Blink has a dedicated global team managing Lightning Network liquidity and channels, handling support requests, and improving the app every…

Blink for Android:

Blink (Bitcoin Wallet) - Apps on Google Play
Blink: The Everyday Bitcoin Wallet (formerly Bitcoin Beach Wallet)

Optional readings

‘21 Steps to Bitcoin’ (English/Tagalog)

21 Steps to Bitcoin
Isang mangingisda ang nakatira kasama ang kanyang asawa at batang anak malapit sa dagat. Mula pa noong nasa sinapupunan pa lamang ang bata, si Juan ay nag-iipon para sa edukasyon ni Nene sa pamamagitan ng paglalagay ng kanyang kita sa mga lata ng isda.

‘21 Steps to Bitcoin’ (Bisaya)

Bente Uno Ka Hakbang Ngadto Sa Bitcoin
Dedicated to and inspired by the ‘Money and State’ class of Dean Florin Hilbay at the College of Law of Silliman University, the first academic program of its kind in the world.

What is monetary colonialism?

Blood money for the digital age? Colonialism, coup d’état and CBDCs
The coup in Niger could have implications for the future of monetary colonialism in Africa. If the coup leaders are successful in renegotiating Niger’s membership in the CFA franc zone, it could set a precedent for other African countries to do the same.

Book recommendations from our community

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