This is the 5th of the 7-part The CoopPay Manual series.

  1. Send Money via Lightning Network
    • Path: Wallet Tab > Send > via Lightning
    • Use: Transfer funds between CoopPay accounts.
    • Steps:
      1. Tap “Send” then “via Lightning”.
      2. Enter the recipient’s username, e.g., amcrisolo.
      3. Enter the amount, confirm details, and slide to send.
    • Fee: None. CoopPay-to-CoopPay transfers are free.
    • Confirmation: Notification upon successful transfer.
  2. Send Money by Scanning QR Code
    • Path: Wallet Tab > Send > Scan a QR Code
    • Use: Transfers to CoopPay and other Lightning wallets.
    • Steps:
      1. Tap “Send”, then “Scan a QR Code”.
      2. Scan the recipient’s QR Code or enter their wallet address.
      • Confirmation: Notification upon successful transfer.
  3. Global Transfers
    • Path: Wallet Tab > Send > Send Globally
    • Use: Sending funds internationally, e.g., from the Philippines to U.S. banks.
    • Note: More details to be announced.
  4. Bank Transfers
    • Path: Wallet Tab > Send > Bank Transfer
    • Use: Send money to banks and e-wallets.
    • Steps:
      1. Tap “Send”, then “Bank Transfer”.
      2. Choose the bank/e-wallet, enter recipient details, amount, and payment method.
      3. Confirm details and slide to send.
    • Fee: Php15.00 via InstaPay or Pesonet.
    • Transfer Limit: InstaPay – P50,000.00; Pesonet – P500,000.00
    • Partners: [Updated list in CoopPay app].
  5. Cash Pick-up (Upcoming Feature)
    • Use: Send money to remittance centers for pick-up.
    • Note: Details to be provided in future updates.
  6. Receive Money Options
    • Create Invoice: For receiving payments via Lightning Network.
    • Pay Link: Shareable payment link for receiving money.
    • Show BTC Address: For receiving Bitcoin payments.
  7. Shop Tab Features
    • Load Purchase: Buy load for various telecom providers.
    • Transportation: Load Beep card, AutoSweep, and Easytrip RFIDs.
    • Pay Bills: Pay various bills, with detailed instructions and biller lists.
  8. Bitcoin Tab
    • Features: Buy Bitcoin, link to Blink wallet, set up recurring purchases.
  9. Activity Tab
    • Use: View transaction history, manage account settings.
    • Features: Repeat transactions, manage contacts, configure settings.

Support & Contact

  • For assistance, email support [at]
  • Contact One Coop Tech at management [at], +63 927 142 4516.

For the comprehensive guide, follow the 7-part series The CoopPay Manual!

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