You've noticed the new buttons on the bottom of Chat MPC. Those are Mash buttons. If your cooperative has a website, Mash is a nice and easy way for you readers and fans to support it. Best of all, you can do so in small amounts, and as fast as Lightning!

Mash uses the Lightning Network to make it possible for you to send satoshis to your favorite publications.

"Satoshis" are small pieces or amounts of bitcoin. If you are not yet familiar with bitcoin or Lightning, fret not, you can download any (or, all!) of our recommended bitcoin and Lightning below and learn as you go!

You can support Chat MPC by sending "sats" using our Mash buttons. You may also send some "satoshis" or fiats using the links below:

Of course, while we list PayPal above, we prefer Bitcoin for sponsor support because it represents more than just a form of currency – it embodies the principles of freedom and ethics that align perfectly with the mission of cooperatives as ethical enterprises. Bitcoin, often referred to as "freedom money," operates on a decentralized network, free from the control of any central authority.

This decentralization empowers individuals and organizations to transact freely, globally, and with financial sovereignty. Furthermore, Bitcoin's transparent and immutable blockchain technology ensures the highest level of ethical accountability in financial transactions. By accepting Bitcoin donations, we embrace a currency that symbolizes the values of personal freedom and ethical responsibility, aligning our mission with the technology of the future.


Mash - Better ways to monetize with Bitcoin & Lightning Network.
Micropayments are here – powered by Mash with Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. Stop relying on credit cards and subscriptions to get paid. There’s a completely new way to earn more.
Blink - The Everyday Bitcoin Wallet
Blink (formerly Bitcoin Beach Wallet) makes Bitcoin easy.
Bitcoin & Lightning Network Services for Southeast Asia and Beyond.
Muun - Bitcoin Wallet
Muun is a self-custodial wallet for Android and iOS. Make fast and cheap payments. Keep your money safe.