This we believe to be self-evident. —If a master has capital enough to employ an hundred men, and those men, by their work, return that capital with a profit; —if those men had that capital, as common property, they certainly could support themselves upon it, as before, till their work was brought to market, and the capital returned, with a profit.

CO-OPERATION is a subject entirely for the WORKING CLASSES. The RICH have nothing to do with it. A large class of mankind, are born to LABOR, and expect to labor all their lives. They do not repine at this; they know it is the WILL of PROVIDENCE, whose ways, although they are dark, and unsearchable, are full of MERCY and WISDOM. But it is natural for the workman to wish for comforts, after his work is done. When he has worked hard, for ten or sixteen hours, during the day, he ought to have comfortable food, clothing, and lodging. We believe this, also, to be the WILL of GOD—and that He, in due time, will BRING IT TO PASS.

Let the WORKING CLASSES, therefore, consider these things, and lay them to heart. Let those, who cannot see any farther, look to CO-OPERATION as a provision for themselves and their families. Let those, who look upon this life, in a religious point of view, as a scene that is passing away, and as a passage to another and a better world, carry their religion into Co-operation, as a society of fellow workmen and fellow Christians, among whom all the kindly virtues of a Christian may be exercised with infinitely more effect than they can be, under present circumstances. Let them carry the idea of their HEAVENLY FATHER's presence and care, into such a society, and pray for HIS BLESSING upon its exertions and conduct, as earnestly as they now do, for such direction and protection over their own families.

“If this work be of men, it will come to nought; but, if it be of God, it will prosper, and cannot be overturned.”

Co-operative Societies have been established, at

36, Red Lion Square, London:
37, West Street, Brighton:
10, Queen's Place, Brighton;
20, Marine Place, Worthing:

Where Works on the subject of Co-operation may be had.

(To be continued.)


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