The morning mist and wind, they flow to a chill. By the hill, it has become an unintended habit to wake up at 3am, to fire up the lights while the sun awaits.

First, get well soon to Pres and everyone who may be feeling something. May the fire of healing give you warmth.

Second, surprised to see my daugher's head pop out of the room door shingle, to tell me something to the effect that she's fired-up to do her actual OJT in the cooperative sector some months from now.

That's fiery—considering she also intends to bring along her DLSU friends.

Fired-up probably because on the way up to the hinterlands, I told her the Whys and Wherefores of life!

But I am wont to claim credit.

To me, they are simply all potential recruits to a cause no one knows and no one talks about.

Third, firing more on recruitment, can we recruit our very own VP Sy. to OCTS marketing? Lots to do there, more volunteer hands needed.

Fourth, I'm recruiting these gals and guys to the sector, would you find them interesting?

Fifth, I'm also recruiting these robots to the sector, can they?

iCoop Kiosks
We see the smart payment kiosks by iCoop as a force multiplier for CoopPay and other cooperative tech initiatives.
OneCoop Smart Kiosks
Show the co-operative way everywhere, for everyone.

Sixth and finally, I'm craving balang-hoy.

Unfortunately, no one seems to understand us, giving us kamote, when we said anak ng kamoteng—