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Welcome to iCoop, where empowerment meets cooperation on a global scale. At iCoop, we are dedicated to powering cooperatives worldwide, fostering a community-driven approach to business and sustainable growth. Our platform serves as a catalyst for collaborative endeavors, providing the tools and support needed to stren

Inspirational Cooperatives

Simbayanan Ni Maria Multipurpose Cooperative (SMMPC) is a community-based cooperative in Taguig, Philippines, established with the primary aim of uplifting the socio-economic condition of its members and the community. Founded in 1992, it operates with a holistic approach to development, offering a range of services including savings and credit, education and training, health and social services, and business development. SMMPC emphasizes the values of solidarity, equity, and mutual aid, operating on the principle that collective effort and shared resources can lead to sustainable community development. Over the years, it has grown significantly, both in membership and in the variety of services offered, making it a vital institution in promoting financial inclusion and empowerment in its locality.

Soro-Soro Ibaba Development Cooperative (SIDC) is one of the largest and most successful cooperatives in the Philippines, located in Batangas. It was established in 1969 by a group of visionary farmers with the objective of improving the agricultural sector and the economic status of its members through collective effort. SIDC provides a wide range of services including agri-business support, savings and loan facilities, retail and consumer stores, and technical and educational programs. The cooperative's approach combines economic activities with social development, focusing on sustainable agricultural practices and the welfare of its members. Over the years, SIDC has expanded its reach and now plays a significant role in the regional economy, contributing to the agricultural development and community empowerment in the areas it serves.

San Dionisio Credit Cooperative (SDCC) is a financial institution based in Parañaque, Philippines, founded in 1961. It was established with the aim of providing financial services and support to its members, particularly in the low-income sector, to help them improve their economic status. SDCC offers a variety of products and services, including savings and credit facilities, microfinance, insurance, and business development services. The cooperative is member-owned and governed, emphasizing the principles of mutual aid, democratic control, and cooperative learning. Over the years, SDCC has grown to serve a large number of members, becoming a significant player in the local economy. It is committed to promoting financial inclusion, community development, and the cooperative movement, contributing to the socio-economic development of its members and the broader community.

ACDI-MPC wants Manado Air Route
ACDI Multipurpose Cooperative has expressed strong interest in resuming flights between Manado, Indonesia, and Davao, Philippines, a step towards enhancing regional connectivity.
FICCO plays AgriTech Catalyst
Misamis Oriental, with FICCO at its core, is on the brink of an agricultural revolution, as it integrates Indonesian agricultural technology to enhance food production and ensure food security.

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The Co-operative Exchange
Buy products made, sold and traded by co-operatives and social enterprises in the Philippines, from consumer, agricultural and industrial to digital goods and services.

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