MANILA, Philippines—One Cooperative Health, the Philippines’s first cooperative health maintenance organization (HMO), is celebrating a tenth of a century.

Not only that, we have news of milestones that are stuff of cooperative dreams.

These brought me thoughts about One Cooperative Tech, the country’s first technology services cooperative.

The Phoenix—

According to legend, it lives for hundreds of years before it dies in a spectacular burst of flames, only to be reborn from the ashes of its own funeral pyre.

Who would have thought.

Yet here you are today, not just surviving but sitting on a powder keg of the best co-op wallet brand possible: what could be more literal than, well literally, “Coop” + “Pay.”

And not only that, but sitting on the most revolutionary self-sovereign tech of the last 20years! 

The joys of using CoopPay

The things I tell myself and my family on this are rather simple:

Satoshi Nakamoto is a hero unknown. But the cooperative movement has a heroine all its own—you.

Bitcoin Price Display
Teach the little ones how to save in bitcoin!

CoopPay to CoopPay is zero fee. 

CoopPay is ours and will be, forever, amen. 

These go into the core of two ideas:

  • All gatekeeping must be destroyed if they add no value.
  • The Coop Way is better service, lower cost. 

CoopPay makes bills payment easy. It’s money that you actually use.

CoopPay makes transfer to another bank or wallet easy. CoopPay has adopted the QRPh open standard. 

But as the sector-wide cooperative payment system becomes more “circular,” you won’t be needing to transfer money out of CoopPay.

Then of course CoopPay is a league of its own as a Lightning wallet—the first such wallet for cooperatives—so there’s all sorts of tricks you can do with it.

Now CoopPay is a wallet.

Who knows, it can become a super app. 

Who knows, it can become the everything app. 

Wanna bet?

One thing I learned in almost two decades of cooperative life is never bet against cooperatives in the Philippines making things happen.

Those kinds of bets leave nothing but a trail of broken hearts.

About Lyman Manzanares, Esq.

Founder and CEO, Founding and managing partner, Manzanares & Partners Law Offices, est. 2011. A lawyer based in Makati City, Philippines, he is a Lifetime Member of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Makati City Chapter, and the Philippine Bar Association. He graduated from the U.P. College of Law in 2004 and has been involved in various legal cases and discussions, particularly in the realm of commercial and cooperative law. He has provided insights into the world of jurisprudence and law through a platform called “A Case A Day,” where he discusses new cases and updates on different areas of interest such as criminal law, civil and family law, commercial law, and technology law.

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