The birds, I mean. If you do, here's something to ruffle your feathers (in a good way)!

At CES 2024, Swarovski went a bit more... avian. Their AI-powered binoculars not only let you zoom in on your feathered friends but also tell you who they are. Yes, you heard that right – these binoculars can identify birds. But they'd make your wallet weep at a staggering $4,799!

Why? First off, these binoculars are smart. Like, really smart.

They're equipped with cutting-edge AI that can identify over 10,000 bird species.

They're also packed with other fancy features like HD optics, image stabilization (because no one likes a shaky bird sighting), and a built-in camera to capture those fleeting moments in stunning clarity.

Plus, they can record the songs and calls of birds, so you can finally prove to your skeptical friends that you did hear a Kirtland's Warbler that one time.

These AI-powered binoculars are a glimpse into the future of birdwatching – a future where tech elevates our connection with nature in ways we've never imagined.

So, who are these for? Well, if you're a serious birder with a penchant for tech and a bank account that can handle the hit, these are your dream come true.

For the rest of us who might balk at the price tag – fear not. You can still enjoy birdwatching the old-fashioned way, with a pair of regular binoculars and a hefty dose of patience.

Whether you're ready to soar with the high-tech eagles or prefer to keep your feet (and wallets) firmly on the ground, one thing's for sure – birdwatching will never be the same again!

Fly high, my fellow bird nerds! 🦅💎

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