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ACDI-MPC, led by its chairman, retired Major General Gilbert Llanto, is exploring the feasibility of restarting the Manado-Davao flight service, previously halted due to the pandemic. The initiative, discussed with the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDa), proposes using Leascor's 70-seater ATR 72-500 aircraft.

This mission aims to boost trade and connectivity, drawing on lessons from past experiences and integrating strategies from various sectors including tourism, education, and agribusiness. The route, part of the Mindanao - North Sulawesi gateways, is vital for ASEAN connectivity and benefits from a long-standing sisterhood agreement between Davao City and North Sulawesi's Manado and Bitung since 1993.

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International Cooperative News Round-Up

In parallel, global cooperative news highlights significant movements in the sector, including the launch of a resilience fund for credit unions and community financiers, recognition of a worker co-op for environmental initiatives, and efforts by farmer cooperatives to expand with corporate support.

Suma Wholefoods, a worker cooperative based in West Yorkshire, UK, has been awarded six accolades at the Veggie Awards for its exceptional range of products. These awards celebrate vegan and vegetarian pantry staples, along with cruelty-free skincare and plastic-free products. Suma's winning items include Organic Peach & Turmeric Kombucha, Organic Italian Penne Pasta, and an all-in-one soap bar, showcasing their commitment to vegetarian, fair trade, organic, ethical, ecological, and natural products.

For more details, please visit Suma worker co-op picks up six accolades at Veggie Awards.

REI Co-op, a prominent outdoor gear and sporting goods cooperative, has announced the opening of several new locations across the United States in 2024 and 2025. This expansion reflects the growing interest in outdoor activities and the increasing market value of the outdoor industry. The new stores, planned for states like Arizona, California, and Utah, will feature a full-service bike shop and cater to a variety of outdoor sports, reinforcing REI's commitment to supporting outdoor recreation and lifestyle.

For more details, please visit REI Announces Slate of New Locations Opening in 2024 and 2025.

Fair4All Finance has established a Β£5 million Community Resilience Fund aimed at UK credit unions and community finance bodies. The fund's goal is to provide accessible credit to financially vulnerable individuals, helping them navigate the cost-of-living crisis. Grants and investments from this fund can significantly enhance the capabilities of these financial institutions.

For more information, read: Β£5m Resilience Fund Launched for Credit Unions and Other Community Financers.

Philippine farmers' cooperatives are focusing on expansion through partnerships with larger businesses. This strategic move aims to amplify their market presence and achieve sustainable growth, leveraging the expertise and resources of established corporations.

For further details, visit: Farmers Co-ops Seek to Scale Up with Boost from Business Big Brothers.

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