Embracing Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture

In a landmark collaboration, Misamis Oriental, supported by the First Community Cooperative (FICCO), is set to adopt advanced Indonesian agricultural technology. This initiative, aligned with Governor Peter Unabia's vision, is not merely an upgrade in farming techniques but a stride towards robust food security and sustainable agricultural practices.

FICCO, a cooperative with deep roots in community development, plays a pivotal role in this venture. Their involvement extends to the establishment of a rice processing plant, a strategic move in preparation for the influx of new technology. This partnership reflects FICCO's commitment to leveraging innovation for the betterment of its members and the wider community.

FICCO's role is pivotal in integrating Indonesian agricultural technology into MisOr's farming sector.

The project's pilot areas include farms in Gingoog and El Salvador cities, and several municipalities like Magsaysay and Balingasag. Notably, a significant 25-hectare project in Balingasag is designed as an inclusive growth development strategy, ensuring that the farm produce is distributed across the province, embodying a model of local empowerment and economic stability.

This initiative is a testament to the synergy between local cooperatives like FICCO and governmental efforts in adopting global technological advancements. It's not just about enhancing agricultural productivity; it's a story of community upliftment and a shared vision for a sustainable future.

FICCO at the heart of agricultural evolution.

Through this collaboration, FICCO and the Misamis Oriental government are setting a precedent for how local organizations can play a crucial role in bringing technological advancements to the grassroots level, ensuring that progress benefits not just a few but the entire community.


For more information on this initiative, visit the Philippine News Agency website.

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