Someday I will source everything I eat exclusively from cooperatives. This has been on my mind for 10 years at least!

As the cooperators and bright boys of Cagayan de Oro are building and incubating 1Coop Marketplace, something that excites me to see in Manila (where I work) and Leyte (where I grew up) very soon, I'd like to look back at some "kindred spirits" I have encountered the last few years.

Mayani sounds like Bayani

But no, it didn't come from that. The name Mayani was chosen for the agri-ecommerce platform because it means "gift of the earth" in the Sanskrit language. The founders of Mayani wanted to create a platform that would help farmers and fisherfolk share their gifts with the world.

The name Mayani also has a connection to the Mayan people, who were known for their agricultural skills. The Mayans developed sophisticated irrigation systems and terracing techniques that allowed them to grow crops in difficult environments. The name Mayani is a fitting tribute to the farmers and fisherfolk who work hard to provide us with food. It is also a reminder of the importance of agriculture and the need to support sustainable farming practices.

Mayani is an online marketplace that connects farmers and fisherfolk directly to consumers. It was founded in 2020 by a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to make it easier for people to buy fresh, affordable produce.

Mayani sources its products from over 1,000 farmers and fisherfolk across the Philippines. The products are then delivered to Mayani's fulfillment centers, where they are inspected and packaged before being shipped to customers.

Mayani offers a wide variety of products, including fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, and poultry. The company also offers a variety of value-added products, such as ready-to-cook meals and snacks.

Mayani delivers to all parts of Metro Manila for free for orders worth PHP 1,500 or more. Orders below PHP 1,500 have a flat shipping fee of PHP 50.

Here are some of the features of Mayani:

  • Fresh, affordable produce sourced directly from farmers and fisherfolk
  • Wide variety of products, including fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, and poultry
  • Value-added products, such as ready-to-cook meals and snacks
  • Free delivery for orders worth PHP 1,500 or more
  • Commitment to providing fresh, high-quality produce at affordable prices
  • Support for farmers and fisherfolk

Mayani is committed to providing its customers with fresh, high-quality produce at affordable prices. The company also supports its farmers and fisherfolk by providing them with fair prices and a sustainable pathway to market.

Iskaparate is more than a shelf

Iskaparate is an online marketplace for micro-entrepreneurs in the Philippines. It was founded in 2019 by a group of social entrepreneurs who wanted to help these entrepreneurs get the digital presence they need to reach a wider audience and sell their products.

The name Iskaparate was chosen for the online marketplace because it is a Filipino word that means "showcase" or "shelf". The founders of Iskaparate wanted to create a platform that would showcase the products of micro-entrepreneurs in the Philippines. The word Iskaparate is also a reminder of the traditional tiangge, or open-air market, where vendors would set up their stalls to sell their wares. The founders of Iskaparate wanted to create a digital version of the tiangge, where micro-entrepreneurs could sell their products to a wider audience.

Iskaparate offers a variety of features to help micro-entrepreneurs, including:

  • A free online store that can be set up in minutes.
  • Access to training and guidance on how to sell online.
  • Help with shipping and logistics.
  • Marketing and promotion support.

Iskaparate is committed to helping micro-entrepreneurs grow their businesses and reach their full potential. As of August 2023, the platform has helped over 1,000 micro-entrepreneurs sell their products online.

Some of the products that you can find on Iskaparate include apparel and accessories, arts and crafts, baskets, beverages, books, cakes and desserts, candy and chocolate, cheese, condiments and sauces, crackers, dips and spreads, fresh and frozen meats, fresh and frozen seafood, fruits and vegetables, gift giving, home and garden, household disinfectants, ice cream and frozen yogurt, luggage and bags, meat, seafood, and eggs, pastries and scones, prepared foods, stationery, sticky rice cakes, and sugar and sweeteners.

Iskaparate is currently available in Metro Manila, but they plan to expand to other parts of the Philippines in the future. For micro-entrepreneurs in the Philippines, Iskaparate is a great platform to help you sell your products online. You can create a free online store and start selling today.

Do you know of similar efforts in your country? Let us know!

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