Just five Happy Easter eggs for the occasion! Recommendations for the management of One Cooperative Technology Services, to explore areas of execution and collaboration.

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#1 CoopPay Centers, let ’em

  • Starts with a tarpaulin where “cash-in” and “cash-out” fees are advertised by a sari-sari store or coffee shop.
  • One Coop Tech can provide media files and brand rules, set guidelines for fee ranges, e.g. 50% of the amounts set by non-cooperative or commercial wallets.
  • These first CoopPay Centers would be “pre-positioned” for things to come from One Coop Tech.
CoopPay, a world first!
Explore CoopPay, the game-changer in e-wallets. With CoopPay, experience swift, borderless transactions at minimal costs. Join the digital payment revolution now!

#2 Fairbnb.coop, the ‘co-op Airbnb’

  • We are helming Fairbnb in the Philippines and the ASEAN.
  • We would like to explore areas of collaboration with One Coop Tech.
  • Goes without saying we would like to use CoopPay for Fairbnb.
📣 Fairbnb.coop Manifesto
🌟 We are Community Powered Tourism 🌟 👫 We make hospitality a real driver 🚗 for local positive change 🌱

#3 Buy.coop is now CoopPay-only!

  • We built The Co-operative Exchange just so we can buy cheese and milk from our community co-operative. We’re still waiting for that cheese, but:
  • We just ditched PayPal, credit cards, GCash, Maya and everything else!
  • ‘The Only Way is CoopPay’ (other Lightning wallets would also work)

#4 Chat.coop, write here right now

  • We built ChatMPC because existing co-operative publications have a predominant Western orientation. We like to cover Asia more.
  • The One Coop Tech management and staff are welcome to publish on ChatMPC. You are welcome to write here. Let’s write together. This is my first post under my byline (right image below).
  • To get an invitation link, get in touch via our Facebook Page (left image below). Excited to see your byline — with your most beautiful profile pic — soon!

#5 iCoop is now in stealth mode!

  • We are building iCoop to bring more young people and the next generation of leaders to the Co-operative Movement.
  • We are working with a tech team whose mission is to make tech accessible for all small and medium businesses.
  • iCoop is an AI-powered co-op member acquisition platform to be made available as a progressive web app (PWA).

One more thing . . .

Mainstream media today is a cesspool of talking points. Technology can help us steer away from the pitfalls of excessive pessimism, while preserving our ability to challenge what we are told.

Co-operatives can be citadels for informed optimism, and must be able to see thru the lies of the outside world. With technology, we can help members strike a balance between hope and skepticism, leading to more nuanced discussions about our family’s future.

The lies of the “net zero” agenda, and climate cultism and catastrophizing,

The lies about what chronic diseases, and what ills us and our kids,

Nicole’s journey from paralegal to tech entrepreneur and her advocacy for health is remarkable. 🌟

Books: prevent autism (Free shipping for $49 or more)
Kindle: prevent autism (Free/digital shipping)

And of course the long-running lies of what works and “whatnot” during Covid, for which no one has apologized for yet—prepare to keep on waiting,

Coop Bookshop

Ask your co-operative’s Education and Training Committee to fill your co-operative bookshelf with us! Whether you’re a member of your board (director), CEO, Vice President or just starting out in your co-op journey, keep being curious, keep learning, keep discovering, so you may keep inventing.

We work with the biggest book publishers in the world and we carry and promote books aligned with our ethos of self-help, self-sovereignty, and self-learning. 

The Co-operative Exchange
Buy products made, sold and traded by co-operatives and social enterprises in the Philippines, from consumer, agricultural and industrial to digital goods and services.

You can also support this project by using your CoopPay to send Php 21 to any of the following Lightning Addresses:

  • coop@pouch.ph (CoopPay wallet)
  • lightningcoop@blink.sv (Blink wallet)
  • coop@coinos.io (Coinos wallet)

Thank you!


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The phrase “One more thing . . .” became iconic because of Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc. He used it during product launch events and keynotes to build suspense and excitement before revealing a significant surprise or an additional innovative product. This catchphrase encapsulated Jobs’ flair for showmanship and his ability to create anticipation and wonder among audiences, often leading to the unveiling of groundbreaking products like the iPod, iPhone, or other Apple innovations.

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a type of website or web application designed to work like a mobile app. PWAs combine the flexibility of the web with the features of an app, allowing them to work offline, receive push notifications, and load quickly, even on slow internet connections. They provide a user-friendly, app-like experience on desktop and mobile devices without needing to be downloaded from an app store.

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