To Charlie Not From the Chocolate Factory, who said that in his whole life of 99 years (1924–2023),

He has known no wise people who didn’t read all the time—none . . . zero

1 April 2024, 9:23 AM, April Fool‘s Day

Every cooperative outside the Philippines should read this [article entitled “International co-operative sector ‘snoring’ on bitcoin”]. No one is late to bitcoin, it will always be accessible. All you need is CoopPay and Blink (or another Lightning wallet). However, not learning about bitcoin means the international cooperative sector would lose another decade of opportunity to teach co-op members how to save the fruits of their labor in the best-performing asset class of this generation.

Kids, we always ask you to follow your elders. But for bitcoin, study for yourself and think for yourself. Our generation was gifted with the internet 30 years ago. This is your generation’s gift. Embrace it with your mind, as we embraced the internet with ours (even if napakabaduy at bagal ng internet nun!)

31 March 2024, 10:43 AM, Easter Sunday

It would be a Great Loss if we cannot capture the ideas and lessons from our co-operative icons and bottle them in written form.

So . . . I wish that—like the Benedictine monks in the 6th century, hunched in their scriptoria (writing rooms) meticulously handwriting manuscripts, religious texts, classical works, and historical records, thereby preserving knowledge through the Dark Ages and the medieval period—that our co-operative icons can spend more time downloading their brains to our permanent record of collective consciousness. 

It would be sad to lose that chance—History is written by victors?

In a couple of weeks, we would be celebrating . . . 50th anniversary, golden. But TBH, I’m more interested in the next decade because,

I only understood cooperation’s place in the world yesterday. And tomorrow can’t come soon enough. 

31 March 2024, 9:19 AM

Blessed Easter to all Bitcoiners. You don’t have to have ribeye all the time, shrimp is good!

31 March 2024, 4:20 AM

This early morning, I put all my Easter eggs in one basket . . . Because its own “resurrection,” most assuredly, the people owe to you.

Since 4:20 is early for some of you, my Easter message in short is about perseverance, hope, forgiveness, renewal beating the competition, violating the laws of physics, and leap-frogging limits, real or ghost.

30 March 2024, 10:38 AM, Black Saturday

Blessed Black Saturday to all. Some black thoughts. Just got off the “phone” with two of brilliant yous. I wish to encourage you. I would often talk about Strike and Aqua as my visual models for UI. But I just remembered Muun, because that pugnacious bitcoiner posted a thread.

Just to push the envelop, we had the audacity to already remove PayPal, GCash, Maya, Coins, etc. from our eggshop/bookshop. No CoopPay, no eggs, haha = No Lightning, no food.

29 March 2024, 10:43 AM, Good Friday

In the silence of these days, what struck me was remembering whoever said that we generally spend 42X more on cure (e.g. drugs) than on prevention (e.g. kamote). I believe our women leaders have noted the importance of teaching our members prevention (for their sake, and for our sake).

Aptly, our feature today is about women/girls leading the way to better health (Nicole Shanahan & Grace Price). These women are brilliant, lovely and have only recently emerged into the public consciousness and I believe we can take lessons from them, not the least in terms of defining problems.

28 March 2024, 12:33 PM, Holy Thursday

I have been used to a couple of “existential crises” in startups, so hopefully the stress was manageable and the disruptions were not too disruptive [in Europe].

Will reserve my thoughts until I have read thru the vibe/opportunities. But more likely than not I’d more moving to secure a technology partnership as soon as practicable with a cooperative federation in the Philippines.

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