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News Round-Up:

🇵🇭 Philippines: Carbon Pricing Talks

  • The Department of Finance convened a meeting to discuss the introduction of carbon pricing instruments. This move is part of the Philippines' broader strategy to combat climate change and encourage sustainable energy practices.

👮 Toledo City Cop Accused of Robbery

  • A police officer in Toledo City faces possible dismissal following allegations of robbing a cooperative, raising concerns about law enforcement integrity.

🏢 CEO Vacancy in Real Estate at PCC

  • The Philippine Cooperative Center is looking for a CEO for Real Estate Development and Property Management Federation, indicating growth in the cooperative sector's real estate involvement.
Starbucks' ethical sourcing claims questioned.

🌍 International: Starbucks' Controversial Lawsuit

  • Starbucks is in a legal battle over false advertising and rights abuses, challenging its claims of ethical sourcing and raising questions about corporate responsibility.

🏠 Scotland Supports Housing Co-ops

  • Scotland establishes a peer support group for housing co-operatives, enhancing collaboration and addressing sector challenges.

Video featured: The video highlights the detailed process of producing single-origin coffee in Kenya, emphasizing its labor-intensive nature and the meticulous attention to quality, from handpicking to sorting, processing, and roasting. The uniqueness of single-origin coffee, influenced by regional factors like climate and soil, contributes to its distinct flavor and higher price compared to commodity coffee.

The video also touches on the economic challenges coffee farmers face, including market volatility and low incomes, connecting these issues to the broader context of the Fair Trade movement. This movement aims to ensure fair compensation and support for farmers, advocating for more equitable trading conditions and sustainability in the coffee industry.

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