In the heart of Leyte, Neri tends to her children, her days marked by the absence of her husband, Margarito, who works as a physical therapist in New York. This scenario, familiar to many Filipino families, embodies the sacrifices made for a better future.

Margarito, like thousands of OFWs, sends money home regularly, a process that once involved high fees and long waiting times. But now, thanks to CoopPay and Strike, this critical task is more straightforward and economical.


CoopPay, with Strike, transforms remittances for OFWs, fusing efficiency with traditional banking, revolutionizing money transfers. For OFWs in the US and other places around the world, Strike enables them to send money efficiently to their loved ones' CoopPay wallets in the Philippines.

For Margarito, this can be done simply by sending money from to

This technological breakthrough is especially poignant for children like Neri's, who eagerly await their parents' return. CoopPay and Strike don't just send money; they send hope, love, and a sense of closeness, despite physical distances.

This is more than a technological innovation; it's a bridge reconnecting families across seas.

“This will improve the economic lives of our members and their families.” —Fr Anton Pascual, Chairman of One Coop Tech

The Philippine diaspora, contributing nearly 10% to the nation's GDP, demonstrates the profound impact of remittances on the economy. GDP, the total value of goods and services produced in a country, reflects the substantial role these hardworking individuals play in sustaining their homeland.

“CoopPay aims for financial empowerment at the grassroots level.” —Anna Crisolo, COO of One Coop Tech

This development is particularly interesting considering the reverse diaspora happening in El Salvador. Following its adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender, a new wave of opportunities has emerged, enticing many Salvadorans working abroad to return. This reverse migration is a unique phenomenon, showcasing the impact of innovative financial solutions in reshaping societies.

So CoopPay and Strike are more than financial platforms; they are lifelines for families like Neri's, offering emotional and economic support and heralding a new era not just of financial inclusion and familial connectivity. 🌏💸👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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