MANILA, Philippines—I am on special assignment, again. I can’t tell you what it is for now, but I’m excited about it. Something for you to live Mondragón vicariously (It employs 80,000+ in five continents according to TheBetter; see also “How Mondragon became the world’s largest co-op”)

By luck, co-operatives have been my barangay.

I have been a resident here longer now that I was of Palo, Leyte where I grew up with typhoons, or Maripipi, Biliran where I would spend summers by the sea.

Again, excited and vicarious because by chance, I became part of the turnaround team of a co-operative insurer that is now 4B+ in assets and the founding team of a pioneering co-operative HMO, now 500M+ in assets.

The journey was not without a debacle. After helping organize the first technology cooperative in the country, it was a bit of a zig and a zag before CoopPay—the world’s first Lightning wallet for cooperatives—rose miraculously.

Yes, like a phoenix!

Now the mythical bird, i.e. co-operative federation, is even growing wings for co-op core banking, co-op core insurance, co-op HRIS, co-op election systems, and AI. Who knows what’s more are in store!

In between rising from the ashes, co-operatives have started thinking about the ashes of the dead, forming a memorial service co-op. As for the living, my only real contribution was starting the hashtag #bitcoinforcooperatives

Though I’m legally advising the largest cooperative bank now. Now I’m also working on this one that can’t be named. Some—dragón, as I mentioned in the beginning.

Something to do with old, or golden, age . . .

. . . I’m tempted but I can’t say yet. So in the meantime, let me tease you five things that you can do already with CoopPay and let me “show [you] the money!” (h/t Jerry Maguire)

Bitcoin Price Display
Bitcoin today!
  1. CoopPay to CoopPay is zero fee — Send from one co-op to another, within a co-op, from co-op to members, and from members to loved ones for FREE, now and FOREVER.
  2. CoopPay lets you send/receive money from abroad the cheapest way — Whether to/from the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. See “CoopPay & Strike connect OFWs
  3. CoopPay is QR Ph-compatible — This means that you can easily send and receive money from other local banks and wallets by scanning the QR code for QR Ph. See “CoopPay QR Ph changes the game
  4. CoopPay is the cheapest way to save a little in bitcoin — Download the Blink wallet and simply send from your CoopPay Lightning Address (e.g. to your Blink Lightning Address (e.g.
  5. CoopPay is a nice way to save in dollars — Once you have the Blink wallet, sending from CoopPay to Blink is also a way to save in synthetic dollars. It’s called “stablesats” in Blink.

*Phrasing inspired by:

About Lyman Manzanares, Esq.

Founder and CEO, Founding and managing partner, Manzanares & Partners Law Offices. A lawyer based in Makati City, Philippines, he is a Lifetime Member of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Makati City Chapter, and the Philippine Bar Association. He graduated from the U.P. College of Law in 2004 and has been involved in various legal cases and discussions, particularly in the realm of commercial and cooperative law. He has provided insights into the world of jurisprudence and law through a platform called “A Case A Day,” where he discusses new cases and updates on different areas of interest such as criminal law, civil/family law, commercial law, and technology law.

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