Super Cooperators, thank you for your interest in Lightning!

Lightning can be intimidating. But I heard your questions, so I'd cut to the chase:

Simply put, Lightning is the fastest way to send bitcoin.

Yes, like Lightning. That's it. Yes, that short.

But we have a long—ish version for you.

Some crazies actually published a website in late 2022 dedicated to introducing Lightning (or more specifically, the Lightning Network) to co-operatives,

Lightning Payment Network for Cooperatives
Cooperatives for collective freedom. Bitcoin for individual liberty.

In a series of carefully curated videos, the site introduces coops to the Whats, Why and How of Lightning:

  1. Lightning Payment Network for Cooperatives — An introduction
  2. Boracay is Bitcoin Island
  3. El Zonte is Bitcoin Beach
  4. El Salvador is Bitcoin Country
  5. Adoption of Bitcoin Lightning Payments worldwide
  6. Cooperatives in the Philippines: you can Lightning now!
  7. Cooperatives in other countries: you can Lightning now!
  8. The Philosophy of Cooperation
  9. The Philosophy of Bitcoin
  10. 21+ Bitcoin Philosophers
  11. A more technical description of the Lightning Network

If you're advanced into the bitcoin revolution, go to #11. But video #1 is not only an opening video, but a complete one in fact.

If you're a geek, here's the actual Lightning whitepaper (published on February 15, 2015) that you can download and read before bedtime:

A whitepaper explains a complex topic related to technology, such as a new product, a new method or a new policy.

Then if you're ready for more, there's more.

We can go closer to what I refer to as "serious Bitcoin proper" here:

Lyman Manzanares – I start things
Coops for collective freedom. Bitcoin for individual liberty.

Of course, there's also the mother of all whitepapers, the bitcoin whitepaper (published on January 3, 2009).

Simply put, bitcoin is sound money. That's it!

If "sound money" sounds alien to you, think "ethical money."

And then we have the perfect article for you, right here on Chat MPC:

Blood money for the digital age? Colonialism, coup d’état and CBDCs
The coup in Niger could have implications for the future of monetary colonialism in Africa. If the coup leaders are successful in renegotiating Niger’s membership in the CFA franc zone, it could set a precedent for other African countries to do the same.

Now, you can read the original and actual bitcoin whitepaper:

Don't worry you don't have to understand it fully.

Given the above context, some crazy person persisted on finding similarities between the cooperative revolution some 200 years ago and the bitcoin one, which isn't even 20.

The root problem with conventional currencies is all the trust that's required to make them work. The central bank must be trusted to not debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust. —Satoshi Nakamoto

Sa inyong mga ka-coop, good luck!

Bonus: Let it be said, this is a grassroots innovation and Lightning adoption in the Philippines is uniquely placed in the annals of bitcoin history for taking root in the academe / university and in the cooperative movement!

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