Have you ever wondered if the convenience of food delivery could be aligned with community benefits and fair work practices? In an era where big platforms dominate the food delivery industry, there's a refreshing change on the horizon.

Meet "Tamsang-Tamsong," a trailblazing community-based platform, founded by Akkanut Wantanasombut. This isn't just another food delivery service; it's a revolution in the making, with its roots deeply embedded in social and solidarity economy (SSE) principles.

Wantanasombut, a researcher at the Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University, saw the exploitative practices in conventional platform companies and was inspired to create an equitable alternative.

Akkanut's journey began with a deep dive into the impacts of the platform economy on workers and consumers. He noticed a gaping hole in the market — a need for a business model that benefits everyone in the ecosystem, not just the top of the pyramid.

The goal is business model that benefits all stakeholders, not just profits.

Tamsang-Tamsong stands out with its co-owned structure, involving restaurant owners, riders, and consumers in decision-making. Imagine a platform where you can order from multiple local restaurants in one go, reducing costs and boosting convenience. This innovative approach not only supports local businesses but also fosters a sense of community.

The platform's growth since its pilot in June 2020 is a testament to its effectiveness and appeal. It's a shining example of how cooperative principles can transform the platform economy, offering an equitable and sustainable alternative.

Tamsang-Tamsong isn't just delivering food; it's delivering hope, fairness, and a pinch of joy. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the best meals are those we share. Bon Appétit! 🍲🚴‍♂️🤝

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