Jasmine, a young entrepreneur, recently launched her own shop on The Co-operative Exchange. She invested her passion and dedication into this endeavor, after taking the lessons she learned from the Bitcoin Kids young entrepreneurs program, but has been feeling disheartened due to negative feedback online. A particularly harsh review about her product caught her attention and started to affect her self-esteem.

Recalling the first principle of stoicism—concentrating on what she can control—Jasmine takes a moment to breathe and accept the circumstances. She realizes she cannot influence what others say about her product, but she can manage her response to it.

Rather than fixating on the negative, Jasmine sees it as a chance to learn and enhance her offering.

Seeing obstacles as avenues for growth, Jasmine contacts the customer who posted the critical review. She expresses gratitude for their input and inquires about the specifics of their dissatisfaction. Armed with this insight, Jasmine revisits her strategy and refines her product.

After a few weeks, Jasmine introduces an improved version of her product, which garners significantly positive feedback. She experiences a profound sense of achievement and fulfillment, having evolved through the ordeal and observing her business flourish.

Adversity is the canvas on which resilience paints its masterpiece

Jasmine also dedicates time to self-reflection. Each evening, she spends moments journaling about her day, contemplating her struggles and triumphs, and extracting lessons from each. This habit keeps her balanced and focused on her aspirations.

By integrating stoic principles into her daily life, Jasmine navigates the entrepreneurial landscape with enhanced resilience and elegance. She discovers meaning in her endeavors and relishes the process of realizing her vision.

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