But “Why?” Well, we're way past that. Either you're in the wrong classroom or you have to take some makeup classes. We run the Bitcoin Kids program, and if you missed the boat then take the next hike.

This is Isabella.* Just before Christmas Eve, I think we posted on discord something like, “In a world full of Elizabeths, be an Isabella.” You know the obvious why.

Welcome, brainly bitcoin families! You're eager to introduce your kids to bitcoin in a fun, hands-on way, and involve the whole family in the process, so we prepared this treat for you.

Let 'em do and learn

Start by demystifying bitcoin in terms kids can relate to. It's like video game coins, but used in the real world. The best way to understand it? Through experience. Get them involved in simple digital transactions to see it in action.

Activity: Set up a game where kids earn and spend pretend digital money. This hands-on approach helps them grasp the basic concept effortlessly. I'd like to highlight the "earn" part—in the Bitcoin Kids program, kids actually earn bitcoin for household chores and it's sent to their Blink wallets.

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Let sparks fly

The real 'aha' moment comes when kids experience the speed and ease of digital transactions. Introduce them to the Lightning Network in simple terms - it's a super-fast way to send and receive digital money, almost like sending a text message.

Activity: Create a mock shopping experience where transactions happen instantaneously, mimicking the speed of real digital transactions.

Let ‘Ate’ teach

“Ate” means elder sister. Involving a little bit older siblings in the teaching process can be incredibly effective. They can explain digital money in ways that younger kids understand and relate to. Plus, it's a great bonding experience!

The key ideas are experiential learning and teaching by sibling.

Activity: Encourage older siblings to set up a mini 'store' where they can use their Blink wallet app to conduct transactions with their younger brothers or sisters, using Lightning.

In the Bitcoin Kids program, kids don't just buy bananas, the sisters are building them a full online ecommerce experience, where the kids can order goodies and pay in bitcoin.

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Let 'em teach each other

When one kid learns something new about Lightning, encourage them to teach it to their siblings. This peer-to-peer learning not only reinforces their understanding but also fosters a collaborative learning environment.

Activity: After a lesson or activity, have each child explain what they learned to their siblings, possibly through a fun presentation or a role-playing game. Or they can watch cartoons together:

Make it a family affair

Just like they protect their toys or secrets, kids need to learn to keep their Lightning wallets safe. An older sibling can lead by example, showing how they keep their wallet passcodes private.

Activity: Have the older sibling create a secure Lightning wallet and demonstrate how they protect it, then guide the younger ones to make their own.

Embrace bitcoin as a family

In the dinner table, discuss as a family what bitcoin and Lightning makes easy and how they are shaping the future. This is a great opportunity for everyone to share thoughts and learn from each other.

By focusing on experiential learning and utilizing the dynamic of sibling teaching, kids can grasp the concept of bitcoin in a more engaging and relatable way. This approach not only educates them about Lightning but also strengthens family bonds through shared learning experiences.

Last word

Be honest to kids. Scare them, if you must. Show them people saying that if bitcoin succeeds, they will all die and we will gonna die and it will be the end of the world, yes—

Trust me, kids have better BS-detectors than adults indoctrinated by mass media far too long. The kids will see it. And laugh at it, together. Just like kids!

*To inspire your ideas and work in helping build bitcoin circular families, communities, and economies around the world founded on sound money, follow Isabella's journey and adventures here: https://twitter.com/isabellasg3

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