eFishery is an ag-tech* company that offers integrated feeding solutions for fish and shrimp farming. It was founded in 2013 in Bandung, Indonesia, by Gibran Huzaifah, Pandu Sjahrir, and Mitesh Shah.

eFishery's flagship product is the eFeeder, a smart feeding machine that automatically feeds fish and shrimp at the right time and in the right amount. The eFeeder uses sensors to monitor the fish's appetite and water quality, and it can be controlled remotely from a smartphone.

Fish and chips, er, shrimps

In addition to the eFeeder, eFishery also offers a variety of other products and services for fish and shrimp farmers, including feed, financing, and market access. The company's goal is to build a sustainable aquaculture ecosystem in Indonesia that is profitable for farmers, buyers, and all stakeholders.

Here are some of the important things about eFishery:

  • It is the first aquaculture technology startup in Asia.
  • It has disrupted traditional fish farming methods and provides cutting-edge solutions in the aquaculture ecosystem.
  • It offers an end-to-end platform that provides access to feed, financing, and market to fish and shrimp farmers.
  • It aims to build an aquaculture ecosystem in Indonesia that is not only profitable but also sustainable.

eFishery has been recognized as one of the most innovative aquaculture companies in the world. It has won numerous awards, including the Aquaculture Innovation Award from the World Economic Forum and the Global SME Award from the United Nations.

In 2021, eFishery raised US$107 million in Series D funding, making it one of the most well-funded aquaculture startups in the world. The company plans to use the funding to expand its operations in Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries.

"Series D" is the fifth round of financing of a startup, the first round being the "Seed Round," the "Series A," etc. By this point, successful startups have likely achieved a significant level of growth and market share. Series D funding is often used to further drive expansion, explore additional markets, enhance products or services, and solidify the startup's position as a leader in their industry.

Series D funding typically involves larger amounts of capital and might involve a mix of existing investors as well as new institutional investors. The valuation of the company tends to be higher at this stage due to the increased maturity and growth potential demonstrated by the startup.

eFishery is a leading example of how technology can be used to improve the aquaculture industry. The company's solutions are helping fish and shrimp farmers to increase their productivity, reduce their costs, and improve the sustainability of their operations.

As the global population continues to grow, the demand for seafood is also increasing. eFishery is well-positioned to meet this demand by providing innovative solutions that help farmers to produce more fish and shrimp in a sustainable way.

The Ag-tech universe

Agricultural technology often referred to as "ag-tech," the application of technology to various aspects of agriculture in order to improve efficiency, productivity, sustainability, and overall outcomes within the agricultural industry.

Ag-tech encompasses a wide range of innovations, tools, and solutions that aim to address challenges faced by farmers, enhance food production, and contribute to more sustainable agricultural practices. Some examples:

  1. Precision Agriculture: This involves using technologies like GPS, sensors, drones, and satellite imagery to gather data about soil conditions, weather patterns, and crop health. This data is then analyzed to optimize planting, irrigation, fertilization, and pest control, ultimately leading to increased yields and reduced resource wastage.
  2. Vertical Farming and Controlled Environment Agriculture: These methods involve growing crops in indoor environments, often stacked vertically, with controlled conditions such as temperature, light, and humidity. This approach allows for year-round production in urban areas and reduces the need for large land areas.
  3. Smart Irrigation Systems: These systems utilize sensors and data analytics to monitor soil moisture levels and weather conditions. They enable farmers to provide precise amounts of water to crops, avoiding over-irrigation and conserving water resources.
  4. Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering: Ag-tech also includes advancements in genetic modification and breeding techniques to develop crops that are more resilient to pests, diseases, and changing environmental conditions. This can lead to higher yields and reduced reliance on pesticides.
  5. Farm Management Software: These platforms provide tools for farm planning, record-keeping, inventory management, and data analysis. They help farmers make informed decisions based on real-time information.
  6. Robotics and Automation: Ag-tech involves the use of robots and automated machinery for tasks like planting, harvesting, and sorting crops. This reduces the need for manual labor and improves efficiency.
  7. Agri-Blockchain: Blockchain technology is used to create transparent and traceable supply chains for agricultural products. This can enhance food safety and quality assurance by allowing consumers to track the origin and journey of their food products.
  8. Waste Reduction and Resource Management: Ag-tech solutions can help in minimizing food waste through better inventory management, predictive analytics, and supply chain optimization.

Ag-tech plays a crucial role in addressing the challenges of a growing global population, climate change, and the need for sustainable food production. It aims to create more resilient, efficient, and environmentally friendly agricultural systems that can support food security and economic growth.


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Indonesia’s eFishery raises $200M in Series D funding led by 42XFund - TNGlobal
Indonesia’s aquaculture company eFishery has successfully raised $200 million in its Series D funding round, propelling the company’s target to expand Indonesia’s aquaculture farming community and increase fish feed and fresh fish transaction on its platform.
Indonesian aquaculture firm eFishery raises $200m in Series D round led by 42XFund
Existing investors such as Northstar, Temasek, and SoftBank also participated.
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eFishery startup Aqua-Tech pertama di Asia, membangun ekosistem Akuakultur berkelanjutan dengan teknologi yang membantu budidaya ikan/udang.
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